TACO is a very popular Mexican dish. In the country of origin, taco has existed since 500 years ago and still survive until now.

In fact, tacos can be called as food that has been worldwide as well as other Mexican cuisine, such as burritos or quessadilla. These three dishes have a similar look.

All three use tortilla bread wrapped in various stuffed meats, vegetables and delicious sauces in it. Nevertheless, the tacos are slightly different because their tortillas are made from corn tortillas instead of wheat tortillas.

Corn tortillas have a softer texture than wheat tortillas. This is what distinguishes between a burrito or a quessadilla. Taco stuffing is more varied than the two typical Mexican food.

Tacos usually contain beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, various seafood, cheese mixes and various additional sauces, then folded or wrapped in corn tortillas. Variations of taco sauce and other toppings are also quite a lot. For example is salsa sauce, avocado, cilantro, guacamole sauce, tomatoes, sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonions and lettuce leaves.

Often the taco is eaten like a burger, which is enjoyed without the use of a spoon or fork and immediately devoured by hand.

The most popular taco variants are De Canasta tacos or soft steamed corn tortillas with meat and vegetable stuffing. In addition, there is a De Flauta taco or taco with a crispy tortilla with meat inside and lettuce on the outside to be enjoyed simultaneously.

The types of processed taco stuffing are also very diverse. Meat stuff is baked, spicy sauce, thin meat, salty meat, sausage, crispy fried pork fat, fried fish, or fried shrimp.