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Do you in love with healthy food? It is not only kept up your health, but it is a delicious meal. Taco is one of health food if you can make it by yourself in your home. Tofu taco recipe is a perfect recipe for you if you want to eat delicious food, tasty and healthy! You can keep up your weight while eating a taco. It is satisfying, right? Well, the recipe that we will give to you which is a healthy taco recipe. We will give! Do not have to worry about the taste, because we will offer healthy taco recipe for you to enjoy! Check it out guys

The ingredients and steps to cook tofu taco recipe

Now, we will go to see the parts that you have to take to cook the taco. You do not need to confuse about the ingredients. The parts of this ingredient are easy to find. But, in case you cannot locate it, you could replace it with the ingredients you have. Also, you can make some variation in line with your flavor. Have a nice meal!

Tofu Taco Recipe Healthy Homemade Meal
Tofu Taco Recipe Healthy Homemade Meal

Basic Ingredients

  • 1 pound of beef
  • Three large of tofu ( for the tofu, cut the tofu into a cube, wash it and drain it)
  • One teaspoon of salt
  • Two teaspoons of chili powder
  • 1 avocado
  • One fresh lettuce
  • Five soft tortilla
  • 1 cup of sauce

Is it quite an easy right? Tofu taco recipe is not hard as you think guys. This health taco recipe is the best homemade food you could try at home. Now, let see the following step you have to aware.

  1. Place some oil into hot pan, and fry one pound of ground beef until it gets brown.
  2. Put one teaspoon of salt two teaspoons of chili powder and mix it with the ground beef.
  3. After fry the meat, drain it and let the ground beef into tissue that layered the plate.
  4. Place the tofu into a pan and cook it until getting brown. After finish with fry the tofu, take the tofu and drain it.
  5. After finis with all ingredients, the next step has put some oil into a pan. Put some tortilla and warm it until the tortilla gets crispy. Warm it for the both side of the tortilla. Avoid getting burn.
  6. If you had the finish of all the ingredients, put the taco on the plate. And then, place the ground beef, tofu, and slice of avocado on the taco. You might also like: 7 Most Popular Street Taco Recipes.

Well, it is easy, healthy taco recipe, right? Every food and formula have a health effect include tofu taco recipe but, if you overeat, it will give make the wrong effect. For example, getting weight, the stomach too full, or any disease. So, if you want to grab some healthy food and delicious too, you have to take a proper size and do not it too much.

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